Maya Preferred 223 Token

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read our white paper. This will give you all the background to this historical token.


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Welcome! Great to see a new project starting on ETC, a little confused though I read a bit of your website & you cannot invest in your ICO with ETC?

Good luck =)


As of right now there’s no way to buy the token news will be coming out shortly with information on how to purchase the coin. We want to thank you for your interest and we will be posting the news here as soon as it comes out on all business wires and Outlets

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Great to here! Will be watching for an update, thanks!

Is there a way to send us a link to download a Saturn wallet and also is it possible to help us list Maya Preferred. We want our token to be listed the Saturn Network with the submission of our logo , we are having a lot of problems doing this is if someone who can actually help us do this would do it for us we would compensate them for it

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For Saturn Wallet you can find the details for installing & user guides here:

To list your token on our exchange you can follow the guide here:

However, I believe the token contract in your first post is not correct? I can not seem to find MAYP with that token contract.

And to add your token’s logo to our dashboard & Saturn Wallet, you need to upload it to our github account:

Ensure you have a 200x200 logo on a transparent background in PNG format ready. For the best results, your logo should take up most of the canvas; you do not want to have a transparent margin around it.

If you are really struggling with github I can upload your logo for you, just upload it to the forum here & I can sort it out.


So MAYAP is an Ethereum token? :smiley:

Might want to amend your topic, Ethereum is not Ethereum Classic, that is what got me confused. Well that is the reason you have not been able to list your MAYAP, our exchange is currently live on ETC. We have not launched onto Ethereum yet but we are very close, just keep following our announcements & you will know when!

Sir Maya Preferred is a ERC 223 token in the contract it says it there. Please look tell me

Please read line 50-60 on code

Sam if you go to the link that I sent you it will take you to Maya preferred symbol m a y p please go to the code and read it start with line 50 through 60 it says it right there that Maya preferred symbol m a y p is an erc223 token which Saturn network does trade can you please let me know if this is correct if I need to send you a token to verify it that you can receive it I will do so please help me out in this situation

I do not think you understand my last message, we support ERC20 or ERC223 tokens however our exchange is live on Ethereum Classic. You have deployed your token on Ethereum, which is a different blockchain.

We will support Ethereum in the near future, so do not worry, just sit tight and stay patient!

Also I recommend you edit your first post, as you have deployed your token on Ethereum you are NOT on a real decentralized immutable chain.

No you definitely deployed onto Ethereum, as you can see you are visible on etherscan:

Which is an Ethereum block explorer, for Ethereum Classic you have or you will see if you search your contract there it does not show up.

I mean if you would like to make a token on ETC, by all means you can do so, we published a tutorial about it here:

And also published a video tutorial:

But like I said we will support Ethereum in the near future, so you could just wait if you prefer to stick to Ethereum! You can join our telegram chat if you want: but we do prefer interaction on our forum, it helps answer queries that other people may have :slight_smile:


Great looking website, token has lots of potential.

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Thanks Johnny we will be updating some posts tomorrow was Sunday with our etherium classic coin that will be the official Maya Preferred token.

Sir is this the official ethereum classic coin tracker website just like the other one but etherium classic where we should be able to track our new coin once it’s made tonight where is there a different website I should be looking at please let me know thank you

Sure, there is not really an official one on Ethereum Classic, you also have which has a few more features but sometimes updates slower than the other two.

When we have the new ethereum classic contract address how long it can we take to get a logo on your network and listed as a coin to trade listed?

Hi Sam once we have the new contract address for the etherium classic blockchain for Maya Preferred 223 which should be sometime tonight how long does it take to upload the logo and get listed on the exchange please help me with this thank you we’re trying to get this done by Monday please respond to help me out with this

Listing your token on our exchange happens immediately it is automated, your token is tradable the moment you do the following:

For your logo to appear & links with your token details, first you need to submit a pull request to our Github following these steps: & once we approve it then your logo will appear.

If you submit everything correctly, then I am sure we can approve your pull request pretty quickly :slight_smile:


Token Information:

  1. Contract type: ERC-223 standard Token

  2. Environment: (Ethereum Classic Main platform)

  3. Contract Address: 0x36a4760522213ba634fac7297e09585e8cce99b4

  4. Address URL link:

  5. Token explorer:

  6. Verified Source code:

  7. Sent full tokens to your address proof:

  8. You own full token (proof):

Saturn network Technical Listing:

Trading URL:

Basic Information:

Token name : Maya Preferred
Token symbol: MAYAP
Token decimal: 18
Token Total Supply: 250,000,000