MayasERC223 "Application program interface with Hybrid Exchange & Trading Communication"


Thank you for your great job! I would like to list MayasERC223 in the saturn network. Thank you in advance. Here is a short description.

Application program interface with Hybrid Exchange & Trading Communication System, KYC, AML, GDPR Compliance & Instant Global Payment Solution

Organizations and anyone interested in participating in projects related to environmental restoration with more than 64 thousand projects to choose from in most of the world’s destinations with food and lodging. Activists can start with 100 USD per day and Organizations from 2000 USD. Our system provides economic resources to any restoration and conservation project.

Leverage overseas Coin Maya LTD existing network to provide activists with an easy way to cash in and cash out of their online wallets. You get a commission each time you facilitate the conversion of a user’s MayasERC223 into fiat currency taking advantage of differing prices.

Exchange MayasErc223 & 60 digital assets in to 174 fiat currencies in online & offline markets. Transfer instantly to any debit card on the planet.

Take advantage of differing prices & preserve natural resources for future generations.

  • Name: MayasERC223
  • Symbol: MayasErc223
  • Contract: 0x33CC2cDF8915AB52b075D17347479A51C6A0E4E5
  • Website:
    +FaceBook: migracionintegral
  • Twitter: job_overseas



Very cool to see more projects on ETC!

To list your token you can follow the steps here:

Let me know if you need any help :slight_smile: Good luck!


Thanks Sam.

The promise of global liquidity is perhaps the MayasErc223 most valuable trait. MayasErc223, have the ability to represent fractional ownership of a gold, silver, diamonds and in general natural reserves and can be traded on global offline and online marketplaces and exchanges – two things that are virtually impossible for traditional securities.

MayasErc223 are listed on global markets, and is available to global investors that are eligible to buy, sell, and trade MayasErc223 in a compliant way. Traditionally illiquid assets like real estate, bonds, fine-art or natural resources can become liquid for stakeholders by issuing MayasErc223 that represent a stake in the underlying assets.

We already have a load any debit card with 60 Cryptocurrencies including MayasErc223


Hi, Sam. What else do I need to have MayasErc223 Listed in Saturn network? Do I need something else?


Just follow the steps as per the guide I linked you, it does not sound like you have read through it. You would need to open the Ethereum Classic orderbook replacing the URL with MayasERC223 token contract:

You need to use a dApp browser that supports ETC, so will need to use Saturn Wallet or Trust Wallet. And then simply create an order, as per the screenshot below, this will allow MayasERC223 to appear on our exchange’s ETC Asset list.

Once you have done this, you can follow the steps on our Github to upload your logo to be displayed, this will also fill in the token info section on our exchange.

Just have to follow the guides @consuelo :wink: