Meet The MiMiDi — Official Launching to the Public


I came across this new project from a post on @Stish and I commented that they should check out Saturn.Network and the new IDEO or the LaunchPad. Here is where I found most of their info. Maybe someone from the Saturn Dev Team can reach out to them and take a look at what they have so far.


We have limited time. Why don’t you reach out to them and help us out? They can create a topic about their crypto on our forum & self-list their token, maybe even run an IDEO.


I did reach out to them, and will follow up with them. I guess my post was more of an information or courtesy post to let y’all know about them and sometimes when someone from the dev team reaches out to other dev teams they get better results. Trust me @Neuron I am a Team player and I am on your Team. Plus, I don’t want to overstep my bounds or let you get blindsided with something you should have known was going on. My time is valuable as well and believe it or not I do have a lot happening in my online and off line worlds. Granted I probably have more free time than most people and I am trying to help out and promote the network.


Meant no offense. Everybody’s time is valuable, it’s the ultimate scarce resource we have.

There are no bounds to overstep. If you know a team is building an exciting cryptocurrency project - invite them over, be our ambassador. Let them know of everything we can offer, hopefully they can save their time and money by using our exchange and our tools.