Mega (MX3) trading data not reported for 48 hrs!

Check BambooRelay vs Saturn Network Price changes…

There have been several orders processed on Saturn at the price of $5.14 to $5.27… They have not been recorded, the last recorded trade was on 6/06/20… We set an Buy order for 100,000 coins @ 0.02163907, There are now 99,982.0623 MX3 left on that order, why were the trades not recorded? The links to the txs hash for the orders that haven’t been added to MX3 trading history on Saturn Network, nor have they been reported to Coingecko are listed below🔽

There are maybe 6 more,

Can you guys solve this error?

Thanks for the examples, have forwarded to Dev team to take a look for you.

Tx Hash of most recent test on Saturn: 0xbe8db3ce12d1cabb1926f364a9f18f9157acbc51beed38665fac54bd83262f39

Still didnt record on Saturn’s ledger, or report to Coingecko… What is going on?

Should be fixed now, let me know if not.

Going to do a few test trades… We can the data on Etherscan, Your Trade History Dashboard, but it’s still reporting to Coingecko as $0.03 on Saturn and $5.27 on BambooRelay… When Saturn’s price is actually the same or higher… Not sure if your data is being reported to Coingecko correctly?

Did a few test trades… yes everything is working on your site but guess it will take time for Coingecko to catch up… yes coin has almost 20,000 X… community doesn’t want floor to be so low… price should increase/decrease naturally from here…

It literally pumped too hard, so coingecko suspected that something is wrong with the data. We got it all sorted out though and it should work fine going forward.

Happy trading!

Yes, looks like Coingecko is trying catch up… thanks for your help

How is data reported to CoinGecko and why some coins are never updated? No images no trade value, etc any ideas?

What exactly are verified/unverified tickers? If there a fee involved to get the data to Coingecko?

It means you have not submitted your token details to Coingecko, no there is no listing fee, you just need to fill in their form.

Removed all tokens from Saturn to see if your data would sync like the other DEX. Now that all data has zeroed our for MX3 on Saturn, we want to reopen the order books, but want to make sure that our price data will be reported properly.

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