MetaMask connect problem


I have the same exact issue that the doesn’t ask/allow a metamask connection even though I’ve added the site manually… I don’t have any other wallets in use nor do I want one.
Pls advise what to try next, thx!

Hello @EscudoPio try removing the connection and setting it up again in your MetaMask settings. It is possible other extensions such as ad blockers could be causing a problem, try disabling all extensions apart from MetaMask.

Note that it is not just Ethereum dapp browsers that interfere with each other, if you are active in TRON and use TronLink or Comet for example, this will also cause a problem. You could also try installing a different browser such as Brave or Firefox and try using MetaMask there (you can quickly import your existing wallet with seed phrase); if it works on a different browser then you will know your MetaMask installation on Chrome has an issue.