Metamask License Change, thoughts?

I believe though backed by ConsenSys they made money by integrating Coinbase referral program for buying Eth directly into the wallet. Seems they are unhappy that browsers with their own Crypto Wallets like Brave prompt users to use it and recommend disabling MetaMask. This seems a bit strange to cry about, as we know Brave surely does this because your average user does not know 2 dapp browsers installed = broken web3. If you are developing a browser, you will want to offer users the best experience so it makes sense to suggest using your own wallet?

In a larger picture, I think it shows they are no longer the dominant dapp browser wallet, and need to think of ways to earn. Many users are switching to using mobile applications or smart contract wallets that have been built to interact specifically with the dapps/defi products they want to use. Take Dharma wallet, it let’s you trade on Uniswap and they pay for your tx cost. If you are spending all day hunting Uniswap gems to trade, you are going to use the most cost effective wallet and that is not MetaMask.

And many of these dapps have integrated fiat on-ramps which are easier to use, just use your card and eth comes straight to wallet: MoonPay, Mercuyo, SimpleX, Ramp… and more.