Mithril Token - Social Mining




  • Symbol: Mith
  • Contract: 0x3893b9422Cd5D70a81eDeFfe3d5A1c6A978310BB
  • Standard: erc20
  • Total Supply: MITH
  • Circulating Supply: 489.321.126 MITH (15.01.2019)
  • Website:
  • Chat Community Telegram:

Vault is the Ecosystem-Platform of Mithril, where you can stake your MITH and get rewarded in staking-levels ! i´ve tried it and there is a swap-system too, very nice and with the “PiePie-App” you can earn more and more MITH —>>

The app is used by almost the entire asian market (ascending trend). Thus a great advertising for Saturn.Network :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks for the heads up! Will check it out, that PiePie penguin looks pretty mad?


before it was the LiT-App
updated 08.01.2019 to “PiePie”
one of the few good projects with useful usecase and finished product + big community using the PiePie-App