MUSystem - Ethereum Savings System


MUSystem is unique Savings System based on a mathematical algorithm developed by the great mathematician.

Profit +10% per pack (time interval)
First Refund 60% - this part of your deposit amount will be sent to your wallet right after your deposit, this amount will not need to be transferred to anyone later, it is only at your disposal
Guaranteed return 70% of the initial amount in any case and regardless of the duration of your participation
Compensation transaction fee
Referrals 5%


  1. You save your deposit. Then just lie on your couch and watch how an amount of your Savings grows in value in each new time interval (Pack). If you are a new participant, then 60% of your initial amount is immediately returned to the balance of your wallet! In addition, the System compensates a part of the transaction fee! Each savings pack (starting with the second) adds 10% to the amount you can get. The more participants in the System and the greater the amount of their savings — the faster the System moves on to the following packs.
  2. You make a withdrawal. Do you want to withdraw your savings in full or in part? No problem! At any time and without any restrictions! You are always able to withdraw 70-100% of your initial savings amount. But, if you decided to wait a little, you can multiply your amount by 2, 5, 10…! Each participant is guaranteed to return 70-100% of the initial amount.
  3. What else? Bonuses will be received according to the Rules. For example, bonus 0.75% if you save your funds on the first day of the pack. Or referral bonus 5% of first deposit of invited participant.

The mathematical algorithms on which MUSystem is based were published by Vyacheslav Mavrodi after his brother, Sergey Mavrodi, Great Russian Mathematical Genius, has passed away. In his message, Vyacheslav shared with the whole World unique revolutionary ideas that Sergey Mavrodi did not tell anyone for 25 years. Sergey Mavrodi devoted his entire life to changing the world for the better. He lived and worked to create a world where people will be happy. Where there will be no more banking slavery. Using a modern and innovative Blockchain technology and the mathematical algorithm developed by the Mavrodi brothers, a completely new level system was created. It can not be destroyed. It can not be hacked, it does not depend on the human factor. A fully open for everyone, decentralized system that operates automatically is regulated and controlled by nobody.

…completely free from human factor - nobody can edit the source code of the System since it was placed in the blockchain.
…totally decentralized and safety - working in the blockchain, MUSystem uses the resources of the Ethereum network to ensure its uninterrupted operation.
…absolutely statistically open - each participant is able to check every word from this site for compliance with reality. Try to understand the source code, compare it with the published algorithm and monitor all statistics of MUSystem. Do not Trust, Verify!