My Hex Keep dropping in and out of my Wallet


When I open my wallet, chances are my HEX balance is not there and many refreshes later, my HEX balance is there. I will then create a sell order and when the order page appears, my HEX balance shows 0. Then have to many, many refreshes to get the balance back in my wallet. this cycle can go on for hours.

I have linked it to MetaMask and I can see my HEX balance in the tokens windows ok.

I have been doing this for many hours now and still no successful sell order placed.

What am I doing wrong or do you have a solution?

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It’s a bug on our end that will be fixed by Monday (12/30), meanwhile, please use

Hello @rebyte22, you should find this issue has now been fixed. Balances on buy, sell and create order are now all updating correctly & instantly. Let us know if you still experience any problems, thanks!