My Saturn wallet wont load on exchange

I get this message now when i try to load my account from my Saturn extension. I have tokens in the wallet and orders on the exchange


No Funds Available

Your wallet is set up correctly but your balance is zero. We recommend using Change Now or Changelly if you are planning to trade Ethereum or Ethereum Classic."

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Hey @Gypsy177 this means you do not have any ETH in your wallet & will not be able to pay for any gas fees. Every operation on Saturn Network (buy or sell tokens, create or cancel orders) will require submitting a transaction to the Ethereum network as the platform is decentralized and operates on chain. This means you will need to sign with your wallet and pay network fees (gas).


Ok its just cause i have zero eth in wallet at the moment , i do have a bunch of other
tokens in the wallet but that makes sense

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I have done many transactions on saturn but i thought to just view my wallet\ posted orders it didnt matter if i had eth

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Yep that is correct, well we made it like so as its easier for new users to follow. It helps on boarding users who have never used a Dapp or DEX before as many do not know you need to pay network fees. You are right though, maybe if you have an order created it should always appear.

I will send on your feedback to the development team. Thanks!

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