MYFIE - Monetize Your Selfie

Welcome! Glad you found us. Do you have a version of your logo with a transparent background? It will look better on the exchange’s dashboards.

Thanks for your response! Will send you the transparent Logo shortly.


Perfect, will make sure it is uploaded today :slight_smile: thanks!

Great! Thanks!

Thanks for your prompt response and for uploading the Logo.

:fire:MYFIE Community Sale (MCS): Sale of MYFIE Tokens to Community Members
:moneybag:277 Million MYFIE Tokens on Sale on Saturn Network
:moneybag:Already Sold 20 million MYFIE to team members. 3 million MYFIE given as bounties.
:1st_place_medal:Price: 0.00000425 ETH per MYFIE
:gem:No Minimum or Maximum Amount - Members can invest any amount starting from $ 1. No Soft/Hard Cap.
:zap:Expected Returns of 10 to 20 Times in 6 months to One Year.
:gem:MCS Link:
:toolbox:Click Buy Button. Buy with Metamask or Create Saturn Network Wallet.
:gem:Project Details: Block Chain Platform to Monetize Selfie through Sharing of Ad Revenue
:moneybag:Ad Networks: Amazon Bounty Program, Infolinks, Fidelity Media, Adsterra, PopADS
IEO on VinDAX: No Money Raised
:+1:t2:Telegram: More than 70000 members from 40 Countries
:moneybag:Usage of Funds: Raised funds if any, will be used for Development, Promotion, Ad Network Integration, Listing and Community Building Activities.

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:purple_heart:Website: Selfie Uploads and Page Views from 35 Countries. Our project is a community built and community driven platform to share ad revenue earned on the site with Selfie uploading members in a fair and transparent manner. In Facebook or Instagram users have to post their selfies and wait for someone to see it an appreciate. There are no rewards for your posts there. Here uploaded selfies are flashed instantly across to thousands of users who are watching the site live. And most importantly every selfie that is uploaded is rewarded!

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Theme of the Week - Bookfie: Winners
Top Two Contestents - @mei2705 & @wirelessfidelity2
mei2705 - First to send a Bookfie - 3000 MYFIE Prize
wirelessfidelity2 - Maximum number of entries - 3000 MYFIE Prize
LiusLH2 Second - 2000 MYFIE Prize
swe4401 Third - 1000 MYFIE Prize
Congratulations to all the Winners
Prizes distributed to the winners -

Winners of the Stars of the Week contest under popular posts, are the following members.
SWATComfortZone, re3h5, Emperatriz, LiusLH2, wirelessfidelity2, Bayuoey02
Congratulations to all the Winners
1000 MYFIE Prize distributed to all the winners except SWATComfortZone our D & M Team Member.

:fire::fire::fire:This week’s Theme is FamFie (Family Selfie):fire::fire::fire:
Selfies with Family members, Dad, Mom, Bro, Sis, Aunt, Uncle, Grandma. Grandpa, Wife, Husband, Son, Daughter… Added Theme Field to the Google Form… Check website ( and click the red banner at the bottom of the page for uploading selfies. Check out some of the greatest family selfies posted on our site in the past few weeks that I have aggregated for everyone to see

We have received a couple of new investments on Saturn Network! This is good! Merry Christmas to the Saturn Community!

During the past few days, we have had some sales of MYFIE Tokens on the Saturn Network. We hope to sell some more in the days to come. The Saturn Network team deserves appreciation and respect for the kind of platform you have created and for your prompt and timely support with listing.

Saturn Network by far, is the most Secure, Free to list, Easy to use, Cost Effective (It is almost Just Gas Fees!) Token Sale Platform that we have come across, with Instant Token Distribution to Investors and Immediate Access to Raised Funds for Devs!

Well Done Saturn Network Team!

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Looks like @Emperatriz our Brand Ambassador from Venezuela is clearly a Star of this Week with several posts in the popular posts category! Well done @Emperatriz

Welcome! Glad you found us :slight_smile:

Happy New Year to the Saturn Network Team and the Entire Saturn Network Community Members form the MYFIE Team!

Announcement: Theme of the Week for this week is FOODFIE. Food is the fuel on which the world and our life runs. Any selfie with a Food Theme is acceptable. Send in selfies of you alone or you and your friends/family members having a meal, having a cup of coffee, having your favorite Soft Drink, at home or in a restaurant having a sandwich in a picnic… Anything that is FOOD… So FOODFIE is this week’s theme… Send in those selfies and stand a chance to win 2000 MYFIE Prize on the forthcoming Sunday! Please Note: Any FOODFIE that has any form of alcoholic drink in it will not be accepted and will not pass moderation. Check latest selfies and Click red banner at the bottom of the page to send your selfies…

The following winners of the FOODFIE contest have been credited with the prize of 2000 MYFIE each: madhi17, Kishan3016, tak_uwi, arleacr, wirelessfidelity2, Bayuoey02, carmejias, mei2705, AritaPB

This week’s theme is SHOPFIE … Any thing to do with Shopping, Your Favorite friendly neighborhood Grocery Shop, Snack Shop, Coffee Shop, Stationery Shop where you bought your pen, pencil eraser during your schools days, Gift Shop, Garment Shop, Mobile Shop, Flowers Shop, Book Shop, Appliances shop, Malls, Super Markets and Food Courts that you frequently visit with your friends and family members, Fruit Shop, Fish Monger, Meat Shop, Or selfies of you and your family members returning home with shopping bags, Your selfie with your favorite shopkeeper… Anything to do with Shops and Shopping is acceptable. Click those SHOPFIEs and send them in… Let us beat the benchmark that we set last week! Already many users have started sending in SHOPFIES!