Need 2 ERC223 Tokens Created



Can someone msg me if they are interested in partnering on my projects?

I am looking for a DEV that can help me create 2 different tokens.

These are specific tokens for specific purposes, and I am hoping this partner will take a stake in the coins rather than an up-front fee.

I will create the web pages for the tokens, all the social media and promotion, and business development, but for some reason am blind when it comes to coding.

First project is AGUA, (spanish for water), which is a token that will be introduced in MExico as a form of payment for refillable water services.

My next token is classified, but if someone comes forward, I will be glad to discuss it.

Thanks in advance.



I think you need to be a little bit more upfront about AGUA. Maybe write more than one sentence about it?

As a dev, if saw such advert I would not be particularly excited about joining this project based on what I saw.

Maybe start a thread about AGUA in this subforum?


Good Call Neuron. I will get this started…