Need help Understanding Status of Orders



Good evening Saturn Network,

I am having trouble understanding why some orders seem to take forever to complete. In my orders I show 7 currently. 4 of those are buy orders and 3 are sell orders. I am not really concerned with the 3 sell orders I understand why those are not complete, but the 4 buy orders I don’t understand. I especially don’t understand why I have one that is like over 30 days old? The other 3 aren’t so bothersome because they are new like today new well 2 of them are today and the other one is about 3 weeks old. I have put the links to the orders in question below. I have completed 22 trades but I need help understanding why these don’t complete? Is there a way to move them along? Do you go with a higher gas rate? Can you up the gas rate once you place the order? I just think 30 days is a little long and I have tried to find an answer a few places but I am just not getting it. The good thing about the people in this community they are always helpful and like to share their knowledge. The best part is they don’t laugh to hard when I ask one of my dumb as hell questions. Now this isn’t one of those questions , but it may get a laugh or two and that is alright. Thanks in advance #Stradog in Gun barrel City, Texas


If I got you right, your offering to buy 40,000 Stish at 0.000001 ETH and your wondering why it won’t go through?
If that is so, the answer I would think is because no one is ready to sell at that price. If your steady on holding strong on the price you want to buy at it might take a while for your order to go through.
Your offer price on exchange- 0.000001
Sellers offer on exchange- 0.00015


Hey @fhstralow hope you are well! The answer is simply that the market is not prepared to buy or sell at those prices, you could keep your orders up and see what happens. Alternatively if you are looking to buy or sell quicker then you would need to re-align your orders with current market prices or buy / sell into existing orders.

So for example for STISH / ETH when you open their orderbook:

You are greeted with a screen which should look like so:

Now if you wanted to buy Stish immediately on the top left you see the sell orders, the best price would allow you to buy up to 1000 STISH at 0.000146 ETH per Stish. But if you wanted to try & buy Stish cheaper, then you can like you have done create your own buy order:

Your first link:

Here you will buy up to 5000 stish @ 0.000001 ETH per stish, the thing is as you can see on my screenshot showing the buy orders (the box on the right with the sell buttons) we see people have created orders to buy stish at 0.000003 ETH per stish. So anyone who is looking to sell stish will sell to those orders first to make more ETH.

But currently I feel like not many people will sell Stish at those prices, there is a big price difference between the sell & buy orders price on this market. You might get lucky and someone who picked up stish in an airdrop might sell to you, but I think Stish’s ICO price was quite a bit higher than 0.000001 or 0.000003 ETH so most likely people are HODLing. Maybe @stish can lend some thoughts on that price analysis also :slight_smile: might be people are waiting for an announcement or a future update before deciding to sell or buy more… all these things can influence a token’s market.

Hope that helps! Let me know if not.


@CryptoOregon Thanks for taking the time to look at my question and offering a great answer. If we look at the screenshot from @sam you see two buy orders for 40,000 at 0.000001. One of the two is a sell order that I created and one is not. Why won’t it buy that 40,000 that is not mine . Does that make any sense to my question. Now something that I thought about was some of them I have created a buy order for using the top 3 that it gives you but say the order is selling 5,000 for 0.000003 and I only buy half the order 2,500 for 0.000003. Now that is hypothetical situation but I have done that and you would think that the system would sell me the 2,500 at 0.000003 and have an order of 2,500 for 0.000003 to sell or does that transaction just sit out there in “wait land”. Where my ETH and gas have been taken already. Yes I could cancel the order but I loose money for canceling that order which I don’t like that but I understand why it does cost to cancel. I am just trying to figure it out and kind of figure out if there is a real issue here because I don’t think anybody is trying to get over on me and I am not trying to get over on anyone. Thanks to you @sam for also taking the time to look at it and explain some of it. Like I said this community is full of not only great people but there are some super smart people here as well that will go out of their way to help with anything you may need help with. #Saturn is way better than #Mars #OneXAirdrop coming in 2 days I can’t end this comment without mentioning @Stish who has been and continues to promote the #saturn-network! #Stradog in Gun Barrel City, Texas


So on my screenshot on the top right you see the “Buy Orders” these are all people looking to buy Stish so they have put ETH into Saturn Network’s smart contract as escrow. This means there is not 40,000 stish sitting there to fill into your order, it is on the left under the “Sell Orders” section where people have put stish into Saturn’s smart contract waiting to be sold.

In regards to amounts if you see an order that has 5000 tokens up for sale then you can buy any amount of it & will receive those tokens immediately, the person who you bought from will receive your ETH immediately also. You just can’t buy more than 5000, and if you only buy up 2500 then the order will stay up until the remaining 2500 tokens are sold(or the order creator cancels it).

Hope that clears everything up! If not let me know :slight_smile:


Who is “it”? Saturn.Network does not match orders, it’s more like ebay for tokens - somebody (a trader) needs to come over and actually trade in order for something to even happen to those orders.

Trading is a full time job where, if you know what you are doing, you are helping the exchange and other traders with liquidity and better prices, and make money doing so!


Well @Neuron I have read a couple of your articles or at least I think they were yours and I want to be a Team Player. I know back in my gambling days if you had several people on the blackjack table that were playing together they could do well working against the dealer. I am trying to learn and want to help the exchange and my fellow traders, so can you help learn me somethings @Neuron? I guess I should go back and re-read some of the posts that I found and put it to practice.


that’s the right attitude, Stradog! Keep it going


@Highlander has got me jumping through hoops to get the most from his Airdrop and it is fun and a challenge. I think he did a good job setting up all the checks that will help prevent fraud and people trying game the system. Plus you should earn the coins/tokens that are going to be airdropped. Once I get done with this I am going to go find those articles and I am serious about learning and once I re-read those articles I am sure it will generate a question or two.


Yes, I think that is what has happened I made an order for a partial part of the entire order and that is why they are stuck or holding. I am glad I came back and re-read that. And @sam you have always been and continue to be quick to answer questions and very knowledgeable while explaining so people like myself that aren’t the code writers or programmers understand it. Thank You for that!


Yes :cyclone: of rules are need I’ll show below why,

Here are two recent forum members that signed up for ONEX airdrop. In my opinion it seems like the same person signed up two different accounts thinking they can get in on the ONEX airdrop. Obviously thinking if you signed up with two accounts you get double the ONEX dropped. Though I can’t stop fake sign ups, I can enforce to at least interact with the forum, gain some badges before you are rewarded. If rules wasn’t in-placed whats to stop someone signing up 10x forum accounts and get in on the drops. Glad you understand that though @fhstralow, I just wanted to point on an example.

@fhstralow you are a team player and will be rewarded your ONEX airdrop. Even if some people missed a step, you will be rewarded, my rules aren’t set in stone. I will reward at least anyone for trying.


You know @Highlander I have seen this on every place you can earn something. I have seen people just click on the Task and not actually complete it or the double and triple accounts. We had big problems on and then on @Stish Eric had to come up with some ways to curb it and I think he actually blocked whole IP addresses and has put other measures and checks to keep people somewhat honest. I think you did a great job controlling the greedy people. The bad thing is that most people in the crypto arena like to share their wealth and knowledge and their are people that want to cheat the system.