Need help with creating ERC223 token


Great to hear! Happy to help :slight_smile:


Okay, so I am now thinking about finally creating my token but now with the ico, I have no clue where to start. I am basically a one man team right now, I do not have a website, I’m basically starting off from scratch if you know what I mean. So, how would I go about doing that? Is that a problem? I’m sure I can get a website going on but then what? Is this a bad idea? Any tips at this point would be my best help you guys. As for right now you two have helped me far more than I have expected. Any links you can offer? I was going to watch some YT videos today to get a better understanding on how this all works, like I said I am basically starting this from nothing, just an idea. Again thanks for everything.


I recommend putting your keyboard aside and figuring out the answers to the following questions

  1. What problems are there that I can solve? pick one
  2. What kind of solution can I think of to solve this problem?
  3. Does this solution need its own token?

If you get to number 3 and the answer is yes - then you know the answer to all the questions you have just asked


Yeah I understand that, I think I have a great use for my token, but what would be the best steps to make once I do create my token. I’ve wrote a bit, and I am still writing about what it can offer but thats so much. How do I start getting my name out there if I don’t really have anything to start off with? Right now its just a token and some words, as for the product I am still creating a prototype.


I think it is best to just start ticking things off one by one at the start, otherwise you will just start feeling like you have said a bit overwhelmed. Especially if you are a one man team for the moment, better to just stick on your grind and not worry too much about the bigger picture. Planning is great but, you can easily get lost in just writing things down and going down rabbit holes.

  • If you are doing this to improve your own coding skills, then I would just continue learning and developing your prototype. It will be much easier to create a community around your project & ICO if you can show a proof of concept.

  • It will also help you get a better idea on how long it will take for you to deliver, which will help you when putting together a roadmap.

  • If you already have a name for your project then why not register all your social media handles now? No point losing them even if you don’t use them currently, you can check handles easy using:

  • Check out BitUnits his community has been growing quite steadily, and I am pretty sure @BitUnits started alone also. Just takes an idea and some will power :wink:

Even if you are not 100% of something needs to be done, just start, you will feel better ticking tasks off!


I have just created my token but I cannot find it on Etherscan, my contract address is

*edit: So I checked my staurn wallet after pasting the contract address and I now have all the tokens I originally allocated myself, is there something I am misasing? I’d appreciate the help.

Hello World, this is James

Here is a screen shot of my Remix as well.


Nice great to see it coming together :slight_smile:

Etherscan is for Ethereum so it is normal that you can’t see it, remember it is two separate blockchains. On ETC I recommend using or as a blockchain explorer.


Ah. I see, I didnt even realize that. Thanks for pointing that out. So did I end up publishing the contract? 1 more thing, I turned on my computer this morning and my tokens are gone from my saturn wallet, any ideas why all this happened? And also with the red X and the transaction not being found, is that supposed to be happening since I am using the ethereum blockchain and not the classic chain? thanks again for your help @sam


Yes, you have created your token “Nemesis” I was able to add it to my Saturn Wallet fine.

What you can do is click “Contract Source” and add your token’s source to this contract, for it to be verified on EtherHub. Regarding your token balance, are you sure you had Saturn Wallet connected to ETC network?


Or you can use this fancy link

It allows you to check balance as well


Yes, on the Saturn wallet I do not have an ETH balance only an ETC balance so I know I had it was on the classic and not the main. And thanks I will look into the source today and I am still in the process of write a pdf for my white paper and once I do that and create a prototype I will post in the listing section. I can’t thanks you guys enough for the help I can offer you and @neuron some free tokens for your help.


Thank you this one is the better one of the few, I will save this one.


Okay so for verifying my token, I am assuming my contract name would be Nemesis, for the complier I would use 0.4.24, and then just copy and paste the contract source code being the huge array of numbers and letters starting with 0x? I am guessing the complier version should be the same for version I created for my token which was 0.4.24.
*edit Oh and for the Constructor Arguments ABI, I am also guessing I leave that blank as well.


For the complier it is the version of Remix, so yes I believe it is 0.4.24. You may need to amend a couple of things in the source code, read here this might help:


Thank you Samr, I have just verified the source code at etherhub, is there anything else I should have done like this once I created my token?


Don’t think so, looks like you are all set! Please keep us updated, interested to see where it goes!


great job! want to make a video and show how contract verification works?


Ya know I’m not too much of a camera guy, plus I don’t even have the following. But once I launch my platform first thing I was planning on doing was posting a tutorial on how to create their own token and so forth. If it was okay with you and @sam I was going to make sure to recommend using your guys platform with the whole walk through I did since it was Pretty damn simple. I was going to go through that and also recommend use of the Saturn wallet since I now use it over cLassicMask. Again, I can’t thank you two for the amount of help you have given me while creating my token. It was greatly appreciated and a great learning experience.


Sweet glad we could help, sounds great!