New Airdrop Paying 70 USD per registration Removable instantly! (With proof of payment)

To win is very easy, step 1
Enter the telegram bot:

Step: Register and complete the tasks of following and entering the telegram chat.

Step 3: Add an ERC20 address / wallet Like Metamask’s. Saturn, etc.

Once you register you will have 70 GMC (Gamma Coins)
It is currently listed in the CoinGecko for a price of 0.99 USD per tab and there are 70 that you get! ! , and 10 referrals do not miss the opportunity to earn money so easy! ! . If you reach 20 referrals you get paid instantly, and if not, just wait until March 2 that all tokens will be distributed. NO MINIMUM OF REFERRALS OR A DEPOSIT TO REMOVE IS NEEDED! !
Proof of payment:

Currency Information : https:/ /etherscan .io/token /0xa311856B777Df090D2D3D8C306CaAf6e4DfD9AE9

Current price at the CoinGecko in Dollars :

98% Probability of scam:

Every time one airdrop end, You can’t withdraw because the bot go in maintenance mode and a new Airdrop(with selfdrop for ETH) start anew

So, you will see:

Gamma coin airdrop 1

Gamma coin airdrop2

Gamma coin airdrop3

Gamma coin airdrop…

But You can’t never withdraw and of course if you send some ETH…



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