New Airdrop: Reward $2.2

:fire:Best Airdrop​:fire: :star::star::star::star::star:
:gift:Reward 230 MAPC = $2.2
:busts_in_silhouette:Ref + 50 MAPC

:diamonds:Start Telegram Bot​:point_right: and Be sure to select the Turkish language for you, so that the problem will not be in the bot.
:diamonds:Pass the captcha.
:diamonds:Join Telegram Group and Channel.
:diamonds:Follow Twitter and retweet this tweet.
:diamonds:Similarly, complete other social tasks from the bot.
:diamonds:Download app MarcoPya Cash:
:diamonds:You will receive up to 230 MAPC ($2.2) tokens.
:white_check_mark: Done

Hey! Thanks for the share, more than happy for you to share new airdrops and use referral links on our forum. In the future though, please provide some details about the project and token because we are not just an Airdrop directory - let’s try to education and learn!

What is MAPC token? What industry are they working in?

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