New coin United States of America Bitcoin (RSK)

USABTC is to begin being mined before current bitcoin runs out so all the miners will keep a job or continue to be able to mine I have come up with this coin at a maximum creation of 372,000,000.00 technically one for each American but thats not how it going to wind up because mining isn’t popular here yet I’m sure it will be. I plan for the coins value to be equal to bitcoin so I have been introducing it slowly so as to build crypto values instead of plummeting them by declaring 372MM more bitcoins “haha”. At my estimation it will take about 60 years to mine these new bitcoins(RSK), with ethereum erc20 capability and access but with real bitcoin value. Go USABTC ESTIMATED ICO: 9/29/2019 STARTING [email protected]$9352.84USD per Coin also available as stock option for banking investment, IRA, personal financial benefits and gain.

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