New Currency: Montenegro Gaming - an attempt to restore trust in the industry

  • Token Name: Montenegro Gaming
  • Symbol: MG
  • Contract: 0x85E46768B300e675E2EA39bbab6C428b8aB8Fb02
  • Initial Exchange Offering? No
  • Website:
  • Price target per token: 0.00016734 Ethereum.

Hi Saturn!

We are a family business, a father and son team. After looking at the crypto scene we found there is a gap in the market and that gap is trust. Mr. Alrez, the elder, has been running business for himself and other people over 15 years. He currently is a GM for a property investing company buying up real estate in the Balkans and transforming it into hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. A quick google search will net you many articles about him, albeit not all in English. He will be the managing adviser of the project. His son, Mr. Alrez the younger, will be the director the company.

Previously Mr. Alrez the younger assisted in the running of a construction and architecture firm as well as an international travel agency that was run by his older sister in Sarajevo. Essentially it is a family of entrepreneurs.

Now the family sees another massive gap in the online casino market, that is in North Africa and the Balkans. Africa will be the fastest growing online casino market. Eastern Europe and the Balkans will grow almost as fast. The market itself is fractured and large, meaning, there is a lot of room for many online casino players to join. It will probably be another 10 years or more before the market is saturated in North Africa and Eastern Europe.

Please check out our website to get an idea how it all is planned out. We have concrete plans which we will realise in stages. All current sell orders are ours and they are staggered, meaning first come first served, in terms of getting the lowest possible price.

Our price target is 0.00016734 Ethereum per token. This is the calculated volume and offer price currently on the market and what we are holding back. We have put everything but 5 million of the tokens on the market. This is done so to avoid any single user becoming a whale and flooding the market.

We do not expect to be funded at once and will work on the project as we are getting funded. We will keep the community updated through the website and social media channels. Feel free to contact us through our website so we can answer your questions. We also have a roadmap on the site which we will update as we progress.

For what investors can expect and our other policies, please check out our website. Happy trading!


Welcome to Saturn Network! Glad you found us, good luck :slight_smile:

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Many thanks! Hopefully we can grow together with your platform.

Some updates:

  • Currently negotiation with a marketing company to promote us

  • We are in talks with the authorities in Curacao to get familiar with the gambling license process

  • Engaged a firm to help with Cyprus and Curacao incorporation once funding is done

  • In talks with a casino software provider

We are ready when you are!

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And after an amazing entry, we had to unfortunately change our contract, because some investors with whom we are in contact, have demanded we put a cap on our contract. Therefore, we have put a cap of 100 m, with 70.5 m being minted. We don’t intend to mint more than that, but we have left ourselves some wiggle room in case we need it.

In addition, we have also verified our new contract on

We have 3 investors that are affected and naturally we will transfer the new tokens to those 3 investors, like for like.

If the investors are not satisfied or have a complaint, we will happily compensate them with a 20% airdrop of what they have already bought. Please use the next 30 days to contact us via our website to make your claim.

The new contract is 0x85E46768B300e675E2EA39bbab6C428b8aB8Fb02.

Many thanks for your understanding and happy trading!

Now on Uniswap. Good arbitrage opportunity.

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Good luck with the project, look’s like we may have a similar approach to blockchain gaming so good to see you around on this forum, maybe we can assist each other :wink:

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Thanks! I wish you good luck as well.

Let me know what proposal you have in mind to help each other!

It is Trading Game time!

The rules are simple. Every Monday, until further notice, at open London Time I will add liquidity either to Saturn Exchange or Uniswap.

The catch is, there will be arbitrage opportunities to make riskless profit! I will do this on purpose! There will not be volume for the whole day, so it will be first come first served! If however the price in one exchange is oversold, you will be able to immediately make a profit in the other exchange!

Please enjoy and good luck!

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Quick no frills update, we have signed a partnership agreement with an fully licensed real money online casino using crypto currencies. We also had 3 players sign up to play! This is reflected in an update to our main website and we are currently working on re-structuring the main website in regards to this partnership!

If you want to buy MG tokens, now is probably the best time, because as soon as we make a profit we will increase the price of all MG tokens.

Happy trading!

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We are looking for staff!

  1. Researcher

  2. Writer

  3. Graphic Designer/Memologist

Come here and apply!

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