New Token on ETC "DogeClassic" DOGEC!



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Registrations are open until December 18, 2018



You are aware that Dogecoin Classic Token is already in existence ?


Coincidently they were created the same day… But the other one made it onto the exchange/forum before i could get mine up. But yes i am aware that there is DogeClassicToken (DOGECT) and DogeClassic (DOGEC)


Is your version minable?

Always had love for the young shibes and the big puppers, if you can get any of the DOGE community to get behind your project then you might gain some momentum!

Good luck!


No, our version is not mineable. In the future we will be looking into that but in the meantime we will focus on community outreach and spreading the good word of the Doge :slight_smile: WOW!



Also, thanks for the great idea to get in touch with the Dogecoin team and gain momentum! Kudos!


Correction, our token (DOGEC) was deployed @ 04:53 on November 1, 2018.

And (DOGECT) was deployed @ 21:43 on November 2, 2018.


Looks like you creators have quite the competition going . Good luck to both of you, and I don’t know which one I like better for emblem looks, the nice green “Ethereum classic vibe” coin, or The good old original looking DogeCoin with the cool dog shades… hmmm.
Either way, if there is an airdrop for either coin, I would like to get a share, please.
I don’t have the extra funds to buy more crypto right now, but I try to stay involved.
0x7652cf222E6307456c8845085953fC0ef30aE7be …it is a trust wallet address. If no free airdrop, it’s okay, best of luck, and may the best Doge win!


What if you guys started a feud about who had the best DogeClassic and we all started tweeting about it like crazy? Kind of like a crypto soap opera …? Oh, and the DAO votes/decides how things pan out! People love a fight to watch. I mean, it could have a negative outcome for alot of people, but if it was done the right way, ya know… Turn some heads, get some more people knowing about Saturn/Radex. Could be amusing! Once people come to the platform out of curiosity, and they witness it’s not at all hostile here and that we actually want to help each other progress in crypto, i’m sure they’ll enjoy the positivity they feel and they’ll see the potential this network/exchange/community has to offer. I doubt we would all want to do that, but doesn’t it sound interesting? Anyway, I just had that wacky idea and I don’t like to argue, but the idea seemed fitting…figured i’d share. #SaturnDay celebrate!