New UVC claim requirements - Discord!

:cyclone: UVC: Important Notice :cyclone:

:rotating_light: Please read carefully! This notice is important! :rotating_light:

:arrow_right: In our recent tests of the claim system, we’ve found that there are repeated attempts by people to claim more than once, or to claim under false accounts. This has to stop - because every time it happens, it damages the Free and Fair Distribution that UniversalCoin aims to lead for you all. We want to ensure that everyone who participates gets their fair share - and, unfortunately, this does sometimes come with extra steps.

:arrow_right: With some looking into these matters, we’ve found an option which we believe will help us to greatly reduce the number of duplicate or erroneous claims. We don’t want to use KYC - we believe that KYC is too invasive - we’ve no desire to see your identifications. Instead, we’re going to use Discord “Double Table Flip Status” security.

:arrow_right: This means, that you will need to verify a phone number with your Discord account and you will need to be a member of our Discord server to take part in future claim windows.

:arrow_right: Claims windows will still be posted on all our usual social channels (including Telegram) but there will be an extra step to claiming now where you provide your Discord username which must exactly what is stored under your profile on our website.

Thus, we have drafted a refined set of requirements, for eligibility to claim UVC.

:one: Create an account on

:two: Join our Discord, with this link: - You will need to verify your mobile phone number to join our server! (If you are already a member of our Discord server, this step does not apply to you - you lucky things!).

:three: Add your Discord username and 4-digit number to your profile on our website in the format username#0000.

:four: When the claim forms are announced as OPEN, submit a claim ONCE, and wait for your UVC! The claim form will require you to submit your Discord username. Make sure you submit you submit it exactly as registered on our website and used in Discord (in the format username#0000).

:arrow_right: We do recognise that not everybody will have access to a mobile phone number - however, this move is necessary, to ensure you all get your fair share. We don’t want to give UVC to robot accounts, or greedy token farmers - we want real people to have their fair share as they claim - once per window, finishing the 40 windows of distribution, helping to build an amazing community and platform as we progress further on!

:gift: We’ll be holding a test claim window very soon to help ease these growing pains - stay tuned for an announcement! :gift:

:+1:t4: We hope you understand, and as always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to make them known! Thank you all once again for the support! :+1:t4:

:cyclone: Dan & The UVC Team :cyclone: