November Exchange Summary and Top 5 Token Rankings

Hello everyone! Monthly exchange summary just published on our blog:

During the month of November, we saw 2468 completed trades, 1766 orders created, $64,872 in trading volume, 297 new users interacting with our platform and saw over 37 new token assets being self listed!

Pretty happy about the new users turning up, just this week we saw 76 new users on Ethereum. And various new tokens trading actively, very positive sign!

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Really nice to see the gradual increases. Anxious to see where the project will end up in 2020!

Although hard to make, what would you realistically project the SATURN & STRN tokens to be of value the coming year(s)?

Also, I saw a graph with the total trading volumes updated to November on this post:
Would it be possible to have a live one?


Hey @peppersalt the best way for live updates regarding exchange stats is to use Saturn Tools website:

It is a project ran by Saturn DAO members, if you have any suggestions you can post here:

I am sure the main dev @Wizward happy to hear some feedback :+1: for price prediction, let’s see what the market decides :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Sam. One thing I’m curious about is whether we can expect to see SATURN on other exchanges. For instance, is there a plan to list it on Kyber Network?


No other DEX supports ERC223 standard, so as it is right now kyber cannot list us. However, it is trivial to make an ERC20 SATURN token that’s backed by ERC223 SATURN reserves, trustlessly. That token can be traded on kyber, 0x, and all other DEXs.

If there is interest in this let me know

I wondered if that was the reason; I imagine that the team has weighed the pros and cons. From my point of view, although ERC223 is a superior standard, it does seem that gaining exposure to all of those new markets could potentially be huge for the value of SATURN, especially once atomic arbitrage starts.

If you listed an ERC20 version of SATURN on, e.g., Kyber Network, how would it work in cross-network trades? Would it basically serve as an intermediary token, so that one would be able to trade ERC223 SATURN (on SN) for other (non-SATURN) tokens such as KNC on KN? If that were possible, I would definitely think it would be worth it. But I imagine that there are drawbacks that I am not aware of…

Thanks for the link Sam. The dashboard looks slick!