NTP | NETWOR K TOKEN PAYMENT ~ A crypto-token for a decentralized lifestyle



NTP is the implementation of the basic of cryptocurrency as an independent and decentralized electronic payment system.

The rapid development of cryptocurrency’s supporting elements has made NTP choose to focus on developing its own token to adapt to the latest blockchain technology.

With a fast growing global community-based network, NTP had planned to cooperate and collaborate with the existed exchange markets, cryptowallet DApp developers and various e-commerce to support its sustainability.

The Vision :
NTP aims to get maximum value as an independent utility token for the global electronic payment system with the support of cooperation from various cryptocurrency elements.


From Indonesia?


Hey @NTPDev welcome! Thank you for announcing your project. Looks like your logo did not upload correctly, maybe try again? :slight_smile:

You can follow this guide to list your token on our exchange:

Let me know if you need any help, thanks!


Yes, project prom indonesia


Hello sir, I have updated the NTP logo in the post.
Does this post lack for the first step for listings on your exchange /


Great! Token listing on our exchange is automated & free, you can find all the steps to follow here:

If you need any help feel free to ask!