Nydronia (NIA) token that will be backed by a line of consumer products!

Nydronia is a token from the Eth (Erc20) network that will go on sale on June 1 in pre-sale and on public sale on July 1, 2020. It is a token created that will function as a stable currency backed by commodities and of massive use. The main feature of the token is to obtain discounts, offers and bonuses through its use when acquiring products from the line of products that support tokens (this applies to anyone), this line called “NYDRA-LINE” consists of consumer products massive. In each nation we will eventually open a branch and stores, installing Nydronia in whose nation.

Main idea
Nydronia is a project based on improvement in many aspects for society. The application of new technologies facilitate the life of man and the way of doing things, from now Nydronia came to open new paths to the future making a society fostered for and aware of the full potential of technologies.It is simple Nydronia will be a stablecoin, that is, a token backed by products created by ourselves, which will be highly tradable in the quality market and less price due to the application of technologies such as: Blockchain networks, robotics and any technology that optimizes a Circumstitutional way of production development. When obtaining the products, they are put up for sale, offering discounts to merchants if they pay with our own currency or, failing that, cryptocurrencies, thus promoting their use, the money raised will directly intervene in the market so that the price of Nydronia increases eventually due to every backup that will be made. The opening of branches in strategic places will give even more dynamism to the name of Nydronia, because each branch will work as headquarters in that nation, having as services: import, export, sale of products, customer service, promoter, distributor and any service to facilitate the Industrias-Nydronia, Empresas-Nydronia, Productores-Nydronia and Comercios-Nydronia alliance. Through the development of Nydronia in each nation, the stores that only accept Nydronia will eventually open, convenient for people who have tokens and want to buy much cheaper products, although there is also the option to buy through the web on the page of sale of Nydronia.

Benefits of Nydronia for users:

  • Support for small product projects
  • Earning of everyone in each amortization of products sold
  • Optimization of any institution that accepts the open source system
  • Encourage the use of blockchain technology
  • Industry 4.0
  • Job creation
  • Innovator and incentive of the future
  • Endless ideas and options to take advantage of blokchain networks
  • Union of physical and virtual world


The airdrop of Nydronia (NIA) with the distribution of approximately 20 million tokens. The main idea is to achieve interactions with social media and expand throughout cyberspace with all kinds of new ways of interacting, followed by this reconcile with dates for voting exchanges and get as much money as possible.

Breakdown of Nydronia:

Pre-Sale: 30 millions

Public Sale: 10 millions

Airdrop & Bounty: 40 millions

Marketing: 10 millions

Reserve: 10 millions

If you want to be part of the Nydronia team do not hesitate to contact me :+1:t2: