OCTCoin Project



・Name : OCTCoin
・Symbol: OCTC
・ Contract: 0xbc90c835f2bc5255078cefc2a9c37cde0db2cae5
・ Website: https://oct.group/en

A Cryptocurrency Initiated Digital Transformation
_Various technological advancements such as cloud computing, AI, and the Internet of Things are bringing about major changes in efficiency. However, our customs and corporate culture are, as of yet, not willing to change, and as a result we are currently unable to keep up with this evolution. _
With our plans for digital transformation we at OCTCoin aim to become a cryptocurrency that can solve these problems and relieve some of the tensions involved in this evolution. As we stated previously, a majority of the world’s cryptocurrencies are putting meaningless coins on to the blockchain and using grandiose schemes in an attempt to raise their values. However this is no different than speculation or gambling. OCTCoin is aiming for substance. We aim to be a cryptocurrency that can change businesses and the way people live by combining cryptocurrency and the latest technologies in a realistic way to create something new that has its own, authentic value. OCTCoin’s goal is to increase this value by spreading OCTCoin usage and making the tools necessary for its use readily available.

Official site
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Welcome @OCTCOIN thank you for your announcement! I can see OCTC has been listed on our exchange :+1:

You can also upload your token logo by following these steps:

Let me know if you need any help, thanks!


very nice !

OCTCOIN on saturn.network !

welcome :hearts:


I am stopped by uploading the logo and JSON file. The file has already been prepared.
Help Me…

I’m not good at English. I may make a few mistakes.


Sounds like you may not have forked the repository? If you would like, please upload your logo here on the forum & I can do it for you. Thanks!




“name”: “OCTCoin”,
“address”: “0xbc90c835f2bc5255078cefc2a9c37cde0db2cae5”,
“symbol”: “OCTC”,
“decimals”: 6
“logo”: “https://oct.group/OCTCOIN200x200.png”,
“website”: “https://oct.group/en”,


“forum”: “https://discord.gg/ek4SPsN

The extension of the json file was rejected. I write text here.
Since we have only two links, we divided it into two.


No problem, I have submitted a pull request for you to our github:

One of our development team will need to verify it before it goes live, thanks!


@OCTCOIN all good logo is now live!

Happy trading!


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A coin will be given to the first 200 people.
It is a simple condition.


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◆ Remuneration
10000 TAKO / User


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Remuneration will be automatically credited to Wallet linked with Twitter.
That name is uzuras walles.