One $ETC Private Pool Claimed over 51% Network Hashrate


Kind of hard to figure out what is going on with ETC right now, last night there were “rumours” of a chain reorganization or double spend attack. Though the @eth_classic on twitter advised everything was working normally, quoted Blockscout as evidence?

Not too sure how I feel about using Blockscout as evidence, it definitely is a great block explorer and works perfectly for everything Saturn Network needs, in terms of breaking down & detailing token transactions correctly. Yet I feel it sometimes does not always show the most up to date network information.

And if we check it now, bearing in mind eth_classic’s tweet was 8 hours ago:

I think it is painting a different picture :thinking: and they now seem to be advising exchanges and mining pools to allow a higher confirmation time.

Not really sure how this could cause a problem.

Maybe @Neuron can clarify for us, or anyone feel free to correct me! Seems like ETC is not trending in the crypto news for the greatest reasons lately.



This was first spotted by coinbase’s systems! Say what you want about their business practices, but their tech & security is top notch.

Still better to use a DEX to avoid worrying about such problems :slight_smile: