ONEX Augmented Reality


I briefly looked around for info on ONEX AR, but didn’t find much. Is there an app I can download? Can someone maybe point me in the right direction, please?


Ohh, derp, IZX app.


I’ve not found time to check it out yet myself, going to have a look this week though, really is great news for ONEX :slight_smile:

From what I understood you use the IZX App to search for where you can find tokens, I am not sure if you directly collect ONEX or collect IZX game tokens which are tradable for ONEX in their App?

I’m sure @Highlander will clarify for us!


You’re right, @Sam. It was a tiny bit difficult to figure out how the app is supposed to be setup, but when it’s setup and ready to catch the ONEX and IZX tokens, it works pretty good! It’s similar to that Pokemon app that alot of people went nuts for.


Nice good to hear, I will definitely give it a whirl at some point this week! :alien:


Great idea & I follow Onex closely but as I do not have a ‘smartphone’ I can’t join in :frowning: