ONEX Network Gif / Meme Bounty (Unleash Your Creative Mind )


Open your Mind and Unleash your Creativity!

ONEX Network wants to see some of your best artwork on ONEX.
This can be a GIF or Meme style or if you might have something else in mind, just ask about it.

:fire: Rewards:
ONEX Network (ONEX)

Picture quality grading scale:

  • Low/Poor: 0-25 ONEX tokens
  • Good: 50 ONEX tokens
  • Great: 100 ONEX tokens
  • Extraordinary: 250 ONEX tokens

Quality is based on graphic design, errors, amount of errors, and overall impression.

:warning: Rules:

  • This Bounty will continue to an unknown date.
  • Must have words ONEX or ONEX Network or must show ONEX logos in Gig or Meme. ONEX Logo
  • Once you submit your gif or meme, you give all rights over to ONEX Network .
  • English only.
  • Maximum 2 submissions per hunter
  • Make sure to post your Ethereum Classic address along with your entries.
  • I will accept Ethereum Classic logo or Saturn Network logo in gif & meme. As long as it also has ONEX text or ONEX token logo included.

Some examples to give you some inspiration,











Nice! Love these gifs, hope to see some cool ones being created :slight_smile:

  • Your meme & gifs are too dope, I can’t compete.
  • Rewards are too small.
  • Need more time

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Plot Twist year 2025: sumsum007 cashes out his 5 ONEX for 100k for this meme he made back in Feb of 2019… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::moneybag: [AIRDROP] ONEX Network Proof-of-Stake Smart Contract [ETC]


Can I enter the competition with this? :rofl:



oof! Looks like we have a winner.


I think I’ll adopt this as a new slogan


I am always impressed with the ways you come up with to give away ONEX tokens and then to see the creativity that people have is awesome. I read on Telegram, which I don’t frequent that platform, you are working on ideas for the next airdrop and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


Thanks man, glad to still have you around…


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Haha well yeah sounds like that would do it…

Ah fuck them, the least they will do is lock you up but after you get out you should be cleared with just a misdemeanor charge. Sometimes it’s better just to do the short jail time instead of doing yr or years worth of probation. Well wish you the best on the case…




Okay now I go watch Predator!