ONEX Network - Proof-of-Stake token


Specifications :

  • Type : ERC223 & PoS Standard

  • Platform : Ethereum Classic

  • Symbol : ONEX

  • Decimals : 18

  • Maximum Total Supply : 10,000,000

  • Initial Supply : 1,000,000

  • Distribution : Free Airdop

  • Minimum Coin Age : 3 Days

  • Maximum Coin Age : 90 Days

  • Address : 0x085b0fdf115aa9e16ae1bddd396ce1f993c52220

  • Homepage:

  • Whitepaper:

  • Audit : Verified


  • Social:


About :


ONEX is based on the ERC223 Token Standard which address’s the design mistakes of ERC20. It offers ONEX holders protection against losing tokens via accidental transaction to a wrong address.

As an Ethereum Classic token, ONEX implements the Proof-of-Stake mechanism, meaning that every holder can earn some extra tokens just by holding ONEX for a period of at least 3 days, greater than or equal to the Minimum Coin Age. Learn more at ONEX Network homepage.


Max Total Supply :

The Max Total Supply of ONEX is set to 10 Million, but we just created 1 Million ONEX as the Initial Supply. The Max Total Supply will only be reached in about 15 years or a little longer at the set PoS interest rate. Once 10 Million is reached, no more ONEX will be generated via Proof-of-Stake.

Distribution :

After the contract deployed, only 1 Million ONEX, 10% of the Max Total Supply, will be created as the Initial Supply.

Update: 1/28/19

  1. Dev moved 200K ONEX from Free Airdrop wallet to Bounties Wallet and changed allocation. Reason: To give a chance for more ONEX to be allocated to Bounties.
  • Development​: 100K

  • Marketing​: 50K

  • Bounties​: 250K

  • Free Airdrops: 250K

  • Future Implementation of Dapps​: 300K

Airdrop :

  • First airdrop will go out to all token holders of Saturn Classic.
    ( Snapshot Done 12/23 - ONEX Airdrop Complete 12/24 - 273 Addresses ∗ 300 ONEX = 81900ONEX )

  • Second airdrop will consist of all “ONE” token holders, sometime early Q1 2019.
    ( More News Soon )

Masternodes or staking
ONEX Network Staking Dapp



  • Airdrop is complete, 300 ONEX each was sent to 273 addresses equaling a total of 81900 tokens. It was decided to send tokens directly to wallets so your ONEX tokens will start staking right away, the moment you received them. We sent to all holders that had 1 or more Saturn Classic in their wallets.
    Staking Guide -
    Coinage Guide -


  • ONEX smart contract security audit report performed by Callisto Security Audit Department. Completed - Results of the report see here: Report



1/6/19 :

1/12/19 :

1/14/19 :

  • Today we launched our ONEX Calculator DApp today! You can now Stake right from our website. Check balance, coinage, current & yearly expected revenue + more.

2/28/19 :
It’s been a while since I updated here so let me try and catch everyone up on ONEX Network. If you follow our Twitter or join our ONEX Telegram group you will get updates right away.


This looks very cool! First proof of stake token on ETC?

Good luck! =)


Merry Christmas Saturn Community! Airdrop of ONEX is complete



Nice, this is really cool! Will be staking :alien:


Today marks 3 days since we airdropped ONEX tokens to 273 addresses, most all of those addresses will be able to Mint rewards today. You can find out how to mint on our website, just find the Staking Guide. For those of you who would rather watch a video, I understand reading is boring.

But you should read this part before Minting:
( You can continue to stake every 3 to 90 days until the ONEX Token has reached its maximum total supply of 10 million ONEX Tokens. You will receive credit for every day you wait to stake up to 90 days. However the more often you choose to stake the more compounding will occur. You will need to spend a small amount of Ethereum Classic on GAS every time you want to Mint ONEX Tokens. )

A video on How to Mint ONEX Tokens:
( The video shows 2 different ways to mint the first is the easiest method. The second part shows how to check your CoinAge before you mint, if it shows anything other than 0 then you are able to mint. )

You must choose when you think is the right time to claim, as said if you stake & mint often then the more you will be able to compound. :alien:


ONEX Network got listed on SuperDapps, head on over and give both Saturn Network and us a good rating.



ONEX Network now featured on Dapp.


Happy New Year to Saturn Team and the whole Saturn community, best wishes in 2019!



done ! :slight_smile:

username: bowplu
ETC address: 0x9Aee6dA8b16612452E0a4500803789dcbE62C97A

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Following the recent news ‘Saturn Network added to Delta App’, that now gives us a chance to be added. If you would like ONEX to be added show your support by giving us a Vote, thanks in advance…

Vote here:



Beautiful! Will be staking :wink:


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niiiiiice. diggin this


These are way cool @UXT, thanks for sharing…


Sweet project :slight_smile:

Anyhows plans for ONEX to be listed on more exchanges?