ONEX Network - Proof-of-Stake token


ONEX Network got listed on SuperDapps, head on over and give both Saturn Network and us a good rating.



ONEX Network now featured on Dapp.


Happy New Year to Saturn Team and the whole Saturn community, best wishes in 2019!



done ! :slight_smile:

username: bowplu
ETC address: 0x9Aee6dA8b16612452E0a4500803789dcbE62C97A

Cheers !


Sent, Thank you for the review.


Gotcha. Username: LV_Rich. I’ll message you my address :slight_smile:


Following the recent news ‘Saturn Network added to Delta App’, that now gives us a chance to be added. If you would like ONEX to be added show your support by giving us a Vote, thanks in advance…

Vote here:



Beautiful! Will be staking :wink:


Perfectly :+1:




niiiiiice. diggin this


These are way cool @UXT, thanks for sharing…


Sweet project :slight_smile:

Anyhows plans for ONEX to be listed on more exchanges?


Not until other exchanges start accepting ETC tokens, I’m not aware of any that do.


Hey, everyone I wanted to tell you about a couple changes we made.

So not to cause confusion down the road we, made an official ONEX telegram group instead of how it was merged with Highlander Network before. We also created a ONEX Announcement channel on telegram.


We also make an official Reddit page:



We released our Staking Calculator the other day, now you can mint new tokens right from our website.

This video will explains what the features of the calculator are and how minting works.


If an exachange can list ETC and can list ERC20 ETH tokens, then they have all the infrastructure needed in order to list ETC tokens

#26 link is not working


thank you for that, wrong updated files where uploaded to server, fixed it… clear cache ctrl+f5 should be fine now