ONEX Network - Proof-of-Stake token


Not until other exchanges start accepting ETC tokens, I’m not aware of any that do.


Hey, everyone I wanted to tell you about a couple changes we made.

So not to cause confusion down the road we, made an official ONEX telegram group instead of how it was merged with Highlander Network before. We also created a ONEX Announcement channel on telegram.


We also make an official Reddit page:



We released our Staking Calculator the other day, now you can mint new tokens right from our website.

This video will explains what the features of the calculator are and how minting works.


If an exachange can list ETC and can list ERC20 ETH tokens, then they have all the infrastructure needed in order to list ETC tokens

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thank you for that, wrong updated files where uploaded to server, fixed it… clear cache ctrl+f5 should be fine now


There can only be one


My ETC address is
Thank you


Hello @sumsum007, we actually don’t have a giveaway going in this thread to post your address. Though I’ll tell you three easy ways to get ONEX.

  1. Buy ONEX from Saturn Network
  2. Get in on our ONEX Airdrop Campaign - [AIRDROP] ONEX Network Proof-of-Stake Smart Contract [ETC]
  3. Watch our ONEX Calculator Tutorial and read description on how to get some ONEX today.
    (No one has actually done the last one yet, you could be the first @sumsum007 )


Watched the tutorial video.


We have partnered with Bounty0x to host some Bounties, some of the tasks like joining ONEX telegram are apart of these bounties. So if you are in ONEX Telegram group you can take advantage and join to be a bounty hunter on Bounty0x and receive some more ONEX. We will continue adding more bounties within the next few days or weeks. :alien:


A few updates we have had recently: