ONEX Network Staking Dapp


ONEX Staking Dapp

ONEX Staking Calculator:

ONEX Network the first Proof-of-Stake token on Ethereum Classic.

ONEX is the first to implement the Proof-of-Stake mechanism on Ethereum Classic, meaning that holders of ONEX can earn some extra tokens just by holding ONEX for a period of time, greater than or equal to The Minimum Coin Age.

  • Max supply 10M
  • Initial Supply: 1M
  • Min CoinAge: 3 days
  • Max CoinAge: 90 days

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Saturn Introduction:


if your coinAge gets higher than 90 day, it will stay at 90 days, and your rewards wont grow anymore.


Nice was wondering about that, now need to set up a fun way to remind me every 90 days :thinking:


I think something like that might be close to being released. :wink: More news on that soon, I’ll make sure to update the thread.