OWN Token Project Announcement 1.6.6 update - Crypto for Charity

OWN Token is one such cryptocurrency pioneering the usage of blockchain technology and smart contracts for a noble cause. Own tokens use Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum blockchain is used as a distributed ledger, and the advantages provided by this unique technology are serving several philanthropy organizations and charity foundations.

Many people in the crypto industry got rich over the recent years. We think many of them would like to share their prosperity with those in need.Our goal is to create an easy and trustless crypto-based way to donate charities. We want to create a solution that will be of use anytime someone in crypto space feels like to make an impact.

Now that is a good thing for you, for charities, for start-ups and for the world.


Token Name : OWN Token

Symbol : OWN

Blockchain : Ethereum

Total Supply : 5,000,000,000

Contract : 0xcc6f15be8573cb8243c42d300565566d328213dd

Website : http://owntoken.org

Whitepaper - https://owntoken.xyz/index.php/whitepaper/

CoinGecko : https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/own-token

Twitter : https://twitter.com/OwnToken

Telegram : https://t.me/tokenOWN

OWN Listed in FineXbox : https://www.finexbox.com/market/pair/OWN-USDT

DEX Listing - https://www.saturn.network/exchange/ETH/order-book/0xcc6f15be8573cb8243c42d300565566d328213dd

BambooRelay - DEX - https://bamboorelay.com/trade/OWN-WETH

CoinPaprika - https://coinpaprika.com/coin/own-own-token/

Blockfolio Ticker - OWN Token

Please Support to make OWN token great crypto asset and more related projects, looking to raise initial fund for development.

Good News !!! OWN Token has been listed in CoinCodex website: https://coincodex.com/crypto/own-token/

Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/678834206252402/?ref=share

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/owntoken/

Medium : https://owntokens.medium.com/

Telegram Channel : https://t.me/owntokens

  • Team OWN Token

Hey @Ownism welcome! And thank you for the announcement.

Please make sure you test trading OWN token on the platform. Try to buy and sell a little of your token using a second wallet, because we do not guarantee token compatibility.

Your first investors will not be happy if they find the token actually is not tradable :wink:


Hi, Sam

Tested, working fine, can you support us something as well ?

Thank you for your suggestions and advises. :heart_eyes:

Dear Sam,

please update the social link, yesterday i sent you email regarding this.


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Good News !!! OWN Token listed on CoinGecko :grinning: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/own-token


Hi Sam,

We have airdrop plan to Saturn users, please let me know procedure .

Thanks !

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OWN Token Trading Competition - Rules

:white_check_mark: Minimum amount of OWN to trade - 1000 OWN

:white_check_mark: Trader will receive X 100% (1000 for 1000 OWN)

:white_check_mark: Trader send Screenshot or transaction link to our official twitter or Telegram Group

:white_check_mark: Saturn Network link for Trade OWN - https://www.saturn.network/exchange/ETH/order-book/0xcc6f15be8573cb8243c42d300565566d328213dd

Happy Trading :joy:


If you are comfortable using a terminal, then you can use our tool to airdrop Saturn traders following our tutorial:

If not we can also provide this for you as a service, you can learn more here.


great project for the future…go to moon own token,i like own token good job own

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Thanks :heart_eyes::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

Keep supporting mate …

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Very unique concept and service. The project is backed by CharityStars for token generation. By the time surely it will improve. It will revolutionize the way charities, fundraising works.
Somehow connecting dots to sustainable economic development.

Looking forward to the project.

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Thank you for your good words about OWN , keep supporting !

This is a very promising project and an opportunity for investor to invest. I love OWN token

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Thank you for supporting OWN token project ! :rocket:

Good luck and stay tuned for more updates.

Good project, for life

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Very good project! Long live!

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Own Token Is Amazing. Future Looks Good To Me!

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The concept and ideas behind this great project is commendable. Great community as well and it’s purported plans for the future looks good. I love this Project and I hope it comes to be one of the best project this year. #OWNtoMoon

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Thanks :heart_eyes: keep supporting

The best future crypto project​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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