Pareto Network (PARETO) Token

More information:

  • About: Pareto Network is a peer to peer financial content marketplace. Alpha capture System
    ICO: completed in January 2018 with $12M raised, and 20,000+ token holders.
  • Utility: Pareto Network does not require an email or phone to sign up, instead it relies on an Ethereum addresses as your username. You need some PARETO in your address to login, currently 1 PARETO is enough. The first utility is access through having the minimum required balance set by the network, and the second utility is through rewarding authors, generating a lower latency of content (faster information) for readers. The third utility will be through staking for a commission of transactions, the fourth utility is governance.

Official Telegram: @paretonetworkofficial
Twitter: paretonetwork
Etherscan: 0xea5f88e54d982cbb0c441cde4e79bc305e5b43bc
GitHub: ParetoNetwork

YouTube Video Explaining Pareto Network:

How to join Pareto Network?

Pareto Network does not require an email or phone to sign up, instead it relies on an Ethereum addresses as your username.

  1. Create a new Ethereum address, preferably a new dedicated one, not the one you use normally. You can create a new address from MyEtherWallet (MEW) or any other wallet provider you are familiar with and use. This will be your username on the platform where you will get paid thru.

  2. Load your account with PARETO tokens, there is currently no minimum balance required , you can buy 1 PARETO token from any exchange, or you can ask a member of the Pareto Network community to send you some to try out the platform before making a purchase. (Minimum balance to access the platform is coming soon)

  3. Download Brave browser + MetaMask extension to login using your newly created Ethereum address.

  4. Now that you have logged in, you can post on the network using the pen icon, and readers can reward you on the Ethereum address you signed up with. Readers will reward you for two reasons: because you provided them with a good trade idea that is appreciated, and because the more readers reward the higher their Pareto Rank becomes. A higher rank means faster information for readers, so if readers don’t reward they will receive the trade idea late.

Pareto Rank is based off a mathematical formula that factors in the following variables: balance of PARETO tokens, how long it’s been held on the reader’s address (hodl factor), and frequency of rewarding other writers. Where rewarding is the strong factor of them all.

There is no ranking for content contributors, instead a writer can stake some PARETO when posting, as a measure of confidence in the intel provided. Staking a low amount of PARETO per post means the confidence in the trade idea is low.

There are 4 latency levels on Pareto Network:
Premier (~ 1 hour), High (~1 day), Medium (~2 days), Low (~3 days)

Note that latency is different from one reader to another, it depends on the Pareto Score, and it will soon display exactly how much you need to reward to access the next level of speed.

Pareto Network is a useful place for finding trade ideas and good TA before the rest of the market.


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