Pathway to main UVC distribution resumption πŸŒ€

Thank you for sticking with us for the last 6 months! :pray:t4:

We’ve been through a lot but have got gradually stronger and reached the point now where we see a pathway to the resumption of the main distribution windows! :tada::tada:

:arrow_right: Window 13, worth 507m UVC was the one that was attacked by bot farms :space_invader:.
Almost 90% of the claims in that window were from bot farms which is why the 507m UVC was never paid out.

We therefore propose to use this 507m UVC to create a pathway to the main distribution windows resuming on Window 14. :zap:

:arrow_right: What is extremely important is that this project has a growing community and we get UVC into as many hands as possible. This is where our bounty programmes and referral bonuses come into play - Please use them! :muscle:t4:

:arrow_right: So - in order to provide an incentive to kick start the (re)growth of this project we will be using the 507m UVC to fund three special claim windows linked to the number of UVC Citizens within our Discord (currently around 450). :moneybag:

:one: Reach 500 UVC Citizens
-> :moneybag: 48hr Claim Window announced with 84m UVC pot :moneybag:

:two: Reach 750 UVC Citizens
-> :moneybag::moneybag: 48hr Claim Window announced with 169m UVC pot :moneybag::moneybag:

:three: Reach 1,000 UVC Citizens
-> :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: 48hr Claim Window announced with 254m UVC pot :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

We hope you will play your part in propelling us to these targets!

Thank you for your support as always. Onwards to a brighter future!

:cyclone:UVC Admins​:cyclone:
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