People Don’t Buy Products, They Buy Better Versions of Themselves



Pretty definitive, guy writes the book on brand association… only recently, I believe Honda aired the first TV commercial (did it during the Superbowl nonetheless) to never show the product being advertised (the car). Gotta check my facts on that one but… that Pepsi campaign was a stroke of clutch-genius.

Pepsi was absolutely done for otherwise, much like what my family did to RedBull in 1967-1982: fifteen years of market dominance and business oppression before bankruptcy (true story) - and onward let the biggest marketing war by dollar amount in history begin, paid for by us, the consumers of such magical bliss that is the cutting hiccup-inducing first sip of an ice-cold cola soda-pop beverage as it rushes into your throat… when for a moment, time stands still in the anticipation of the repeated satisfaction that lies ahead in the second rush of bittersweet symphony orchestrated just for you, the embodiment of all things good about life and American freedom in a cup; fly like Eagle on the Quarter you earned and spent in exchange for a moment of pure happiness. Consuming what is essentially the most worthless (negative) creation of brown industrial sludge with No Inherent Value, much like they say about Bitcoin - better off buying tulips, eh?! At least I can score some sexual favors with a tulip geez…

Anyone still reading this post, deserves some instantaneous value on demand - for which I offer a page from the JWT World Manifesto, a book of marketing tools created internally from their worldwide leadership and expertise in the field. Their collaborative effort to curate and exchange specialised knowledge as a global collective was unprecedented and impressive, being boldly instructional yet retaining its trade secrets and posed more value than threat… even if leaked from an (now former) employee in exchange for…that’s right, sexual favors… I copied that file right from her MacBook thinking I scored! But never got to use any of the content to my monetary gain. EXCEPT, for this one page:


Temet Nosce
- The Oracle


This is very cool. Anybody wants to try and frame what Saturn is about, taking this Rolex picture as an example? Show off your marketing skillz right here!