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BitBall (BTB) - BitBall (BTB) - All in One Decentralized Cryptocurrency.#NoFakePromises

A unique Multipurpose Digital currency with Endless Possibilities and Rewards - Building Bridge between Digital currencies, Exchanges & Clients all over the world. Our main goals are related to transactions across the globe with a user friendly interface, making it accessible to everyone at every level. Our phase 4 will include building an exchange for goods and services between people all over the world based on #cryptocurrency.
It will have 2 parts,

  1. Exchange of #Cryptocurrency between people with social media profiles.
  2. #Ebarter system (historical barter trade between people based on Cryptocurrency). #NoFakePromises.


Hey @Bitball welcome! Thank you for introducing your token :slight_smile: Please include details such as:

  • Symbol:
  • Contract:
  • Standard:
  • Website:

I see you have been able to succesfully list your token on our exchange, for your logo to appear on our exchange and in Saturn Wallet, you just needed to continue following the guide & upload them to our Github.

Let me know if you need any help, thanks!


@BitBall all listed with logo :slight_smile: happy trading! Please let your community know!