(POLL) What wallet do you actually use?


  • MEW
  • MetaMask
  • Ledger

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Hello everyone! So today I wanted to find out, which of the above wallets do you actually use? Not your favorite or which one you like, WHICH one do you actually find yourself using the most.

It could be due to a service or just because that is how you have always done things.

Let me know!


Metamask! because it’s safer, needn’t use json file everytime to login compared to MEW, free to use compared to Ledger. Browser extension and simple UI.
These are some of its advantages IMO.


totally agree! Metamask should exist for every blockchain! It’s as important as having mining software or a block explorer, but unfortunately ETH is the only chain to understand that.

Do you know if there are metamask-like plugins for other chains? I know ClassicMask exists but, having recently installed it, I can confirm that it doesn’t work. @Dexaran do you have any ideas why? And does your team plan to maintain it going forward?