Preparing for your first Radex trade



I’ve started a series on our Youtube channel where I will be teaching you how to trade on Radex, this first video is more just an introduction and what you need installed first (Saturn Wallet!)

One thing I should have mentioned is that don’t ever have MetaMask or ClassicMask running also, so be sure to disable them in your extension manager. Will make sure I highlight that in the next video, where I will look at the order book interface and what it all means.

If you have any queries, let me know!

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This is excellent. We were getting ready to make some of these for our members as many are noobs and that is cool but we need to teach them how to use the platform. This is going to help so much.


Thanks! I have some more on the way :slight_smile:


I sent it to the radex exchange because it didnt seem to take whenI tried to use my Saturn Wallet. Can I buy via the exchange ?
I have burned gas already trying to figure all this out

how do I send fund back to my Saturn wallet ?

Saturn Wallet - Ethereum and Ethereum Classic dApp browser - User Manual

First of all, make sure you have uninstalled or disabled MetaMask. Cannot run Saturn Wallet and MetaMask at the same time.

Click any of the Buy buttons on this webpage in order to buy Saturn Classic.

Click Withdraw button on Radex in order to withdraw funds, or “send fund back” as you put it.


never had meta mask how much gas is needed exactly ? been burning coinage trying to figure this new exchange out out :frowning: why would it burn gas from my wallet if its in the exchange ?


If this is too hard for you maybe you should wait for a youtube guide on how to use Radex. I heard from multiple sources that there are videos in the works produced by our community.


IDK about hard, most exchanges are very plug and play. With that being said, I understand this is your first day I am sure things will vastly improve


ok now where do the coind get deposited ?


I thought that was whole point of downloading the Saturn wallet so they can be somewhat safe in there?


Ok, click “buy” here. Once the transaction gets confirmed by the blockchain, your Radex balance will get updated. You will then be able to withdraw your SATURN tokens.

Let me know if that works!


this is where I am at. I do not have a MEW
just Saturn . Will Emerald Wallet support these at some point? I can now send these to my Saturn wallet right ?

Saturn Wallet - Ethereum and Ethereum Classic dApp browser - User Manual


Saturn Wallet will have token integrations in a future release. For now, I suggest you use the excellent Wallet dApp.

Here are some screenshots of the process.

As for Emerald Wallet, we do not develop it and have no control over its roadmap. Ask ETCDev team.


!!! what wallet is it in ?


trying to figure out what happened to the large amount of saturn its sitting in a wallet somewhere ?


In Saturn Wallet. Hover your mouse over the ? in order to see a helpful hint


It is in your wallet, which I believe you said is Saturn Wallet. Radex does not hold any funds for you, it is simply checking your own wallet’s balance. If you can not see your balance in Saturn Wallet then you have not added the token’s contract address correctly, try adding it again.