Price manipulation


Someone keeps buying our token for 0.0000000000000001eth and thus ruining our tokens across all cointrackers (they track the latest traded price).

Could you guys please filter these trades or IP ban the person doing it? Otherwise I’m afraid we’ll have to pull out & delist ncov on Saturn.

Please advice,



Hi, thanks for bringing this up to our attention.

The crux of the issue lies here:

This is a very stupid assumption on their behalf, but hey it is what it is and we have to work around that. Every order-book based DEX would be vulnerable to this “manipulation”.

First of all, we cannot ban anybody from trading - that’s the whole point of a DEX. However, we can be mindful of what data we send to coingecko. Obviously the right engineering solution would be for them to take our raw data feed and be smart about what they show, but since it is highly unlikely that they will do anything about it in a reasonable timeframe, we’ll see what we can do in the meantime. Expect a fix to appear within 48 hours or sooner.

How do you like our exchange so far apart from this issue? Any other feedback you might have?

Thank you for choosing Saturn,




Thanks for the fast response! This the wallet playing the tricks:

From all the decentralized exchanges I personally like Saturn the most, mostly because of the colored cubes in the trade history. Makes it very easy to identify buyers/sellers. Great addition imho.

Let me know when you figured out a solution, and thanks for trying to help out



Please contact coingecko support to fix the price displayed there. Apart from that you should be all set.


I still see 0.00000 on coingecko?


They are gone from the trade history, so thanks for that :slight_smile:


We did what we could. Now you need to contact coingecko support, show them the screenshot of correct price on their own website, and then 0.000000 on their own website in another location.

We had this happen to our own SATURN token earlier and they fixed it.


i hold myself back now on this hypocritical self-enrichment, because it would be “hatespeech”.

and no, im not the price manipulator. because i would even waste one fuc*** WEI for this.
charity? 20% of token supply. spend all ETHER you raise if you want to help. :angry:

so proove me wrong.

@sam, @neuron - if this post is too offense, feel free to delete it. i wont hold it against you.