Pride | LGBTQ token

Token Name: Pride

  • Symbol: LGBTQ
  • Contract: 0x5881da4527bcdc44a100f8ba2efc4039243d2c07
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Website:
  • Is this an Initial Exchange Offering? Its not

LGBTQ Network Foundation
Social Networking Community with support LGBTQ members from Around The World.

Social Network Community supporting LGBTQ members from Around The World.
Communicate among themselves, in any languages, using technical capabilities.
Legal support for LGBTQ community.

Creating a site & mobile application with Social Network function and LGBTQ support for users from around the world. Mobile, interactive map of the World, complete information on countries and regions that provide support to the LGBTQ community. Users will be able to add, change information about the country, city, add interesting and useful information.

Development of a multifunctional site and a mobile application that includes an interactive world map. The map will show various communities, communities, organizations and individuals who provide various support to the LGBTQ community.

Information, legal support. Places of leisure. Friendly institutions, hotels, clubs, restaurants.Being in any corner of the planet it will be possible to contact people, communities, in a specific country of the world or city that interest you.

The function will be implemented through the collection of information by our system, through the suggestions of communities and organizations, and the ability to add information to users with a preliminary validation will also be realized.

Adding information to the site or leaving reviews, rating, it will be possible only for registered users who have passed verification.

Without verification, users will be able to use all the information on the site, without the right to make requests for correction, add new objects, receive and write reviews, ratings.

Also, without verification, a limited number of objects will be available for viewing. A full version of the site, the application will be available after verification.

Verification will be available to registered users by receiving the code at the mailing address specified during registration.

Obtaining the necessary information, participating in raffles and receiving gifts.

As many people around the world as possible will have access to the information they need and possibly change their lives for the better.

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