Problems with order that was never filled

So I finally figured out how to place an order using my Metamask Wallet. I confirmed the contract for the token address and then made an order for their order book. But, after being sent an address to send my 6000 Bright Nuclear Tokens to I never received my payment in Ethereum back which I was hoping on to help pay a bill. So now I’m pretty much screwed unless I can get some help on this one. 0x650abd7da8f79c1c1e96319bcd57c39160177a25ab428c06f42f8b1030bc57ae This is the Transaction number I believe if not the parent txn number. You will see that I sent these to an address that said Saturn Network 2. Please help if you can I gotta pay this bill tomorrow. Thanks

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Hey @InfamousYetti looking at that transaction it appears you manually sent 6,000 Bright Nuclear Tokens to Saturn Network’s contract address from your wallet. I am confused on why you thought this would be the process, how are you using the exchange?

The correct way would be to open Bright Nuclear Token’s with your browser:

And click “Create Order” then follow the interface to set the amount of tokens and price. Also note that trading is peer to peer, when you create an order it is not filled immediately, another trader has to buy your tokens.