Promax7 GPU Miners


Promax7 has launched two GPU based miners to mine multiple cryptocurrencies .So is it a good decision to go with this miners ? Need some suggestions .


Hello Mikiyo! Welcome!

I do not know much about mining however I asked Pex who runs and he believes those Promax7 miners are potentially a scam so I would steer clear!

[Pex Winkel]
This miner should reach 600Mhs at 1,4kW. sounds really impossible. a 13 GPU miner (rx580 cards) get 390Mhs @ 1,7kW. on there homepage i see they mightly uses nvidia p102-100 gpus which costs ~600$ and are not available for public at the moment. one card can reach up to 47Mhs on Ethash so you need 13 GPUs of that to get 600Mhs (7800$ gpus only). the best nvidia card at the moment (1080Ti) get 35Mhs @ 140w. lets say the p102-100 also need 140w for 47Mhs. you would get 1.82kW instead of 1.4kW. think its just a scam, but lets wait and see…

Pex Winkel, [26.06.18 13:19]
10,5k $ for 1830 MHs… btw: on the second picture the promax7 logo isnt photoshopped ;D

Pex Winkel, [26.06.18 13:25]
oh this is only the second batch which isnt available anymore… better preorder the third batch with same stats for 14,8k…

For me if I wanted to mine I probably would put together my own rig, sounds like more fun that way no? :slight_smile:


Even I am planning of buying Promax7.2 miner but since they have hiked up the price I need to arrange funds for the same .


It depends where you live and the availability of GPUs in your area, but I believe it will work out cheaper for you to order some GPUs and build your own rig :slight_smile:

@Wizward may be able to give you a tip, I know he mines ETC with his own rigs.


I think choosing Promax7 miners for mining is a good decision as their miners are very much unique in feature till date . I had also seen their video on you tube and found it great . I am sharing the links for your reference .


Thanks for the input! Though @mikiyo I would still recommend following Pex’s advice. I’ve read horror stories before about these mining hardware companies taking months to ship your order, by that time the miner is obsolete.

If you can get your hands on some 1080 TIs today, then that is what I would do!


This sounds very interesting , just wanted to know whether you have already placed order for Promax7 miners ?


Building up a rig would be difficult for me as it requires technical knowledge , so i would rather prefer to go with a ready miner available in the market .If you have few good suggestions on the ready miners then let me know .


you can simply buy coins. from point of investment you do better when you simply buy.
Calculate what a rig makes a year, and calculate what amount of coins you get if simply buy.

Mining is consenus, not more. Well sometimes its profitable, but its a 24/7 job.

If you´re not skilled enough to setup multiple rigs, dont do it. Buy 1-2 Gpus for your computer, let them mine, and you will force decentralization without high risk.

Forget about prebuild mining setups.


heating, loudness, lifetime, dust/cleaning.

have fun with this lol

that pooooooor gpu´s… omg. no space to breathe. 70-80C for real.