Proof of Community on ETC is now LIVE



Aloha friends. Proof of Community originally launched on the Ethereum Blockchain on May 4th, 2018. The Platform has a very active community on discord and on Telegram. There are also extensive detailed blogs on steemit and a video playlist on YouTube.

Proof of Community finally launched on the ETC network August 2018. The platform had a very successful private launch for its current token owners. Now Proof of Community is on ETC, ePoC is the short name it is called by members.

ePoC is modeled after the wildly successful PoWh3D smart contract. However in this iteration there have been some modifications and upgrades.

ePoC has a buy-in fee of 35% and a sell-out fee of 15%. There are no transfer fees and no fees when withdrawing. When you buy ePOC tokens, the 35% fee is set aside and divided amongst all current token owners. The same is done for the 15% when you sell out that 15% is divided amongst all current token owners.

ePoC also has a unique feature we call the whale. The whale will be connected to games created for the ePoC platform. The whale performs by recieving a percentage of ETC from the games. It than uses that ETC to buy ePoC tokens. When it buys ePoC tokens divs (dividends) are spread to all users. As more and more games are released for ePoC, the whale produces more volume and volatility and will continuously feed ePoC. And with a buy-in of 35% set aside for divs… that’s a lot of opportunity and ETC to be made for all ePoC token owners. It’s a win win for all.

Games that will be coming to the platform soon will be. Fiftyflip a coin toss betting game now in development. And a top secret game that is a clone. And an original game also in development. That’s three games coming very soon.

Fiftyflip is projected to launch in September. It is currently on testing on the Ropsten testnet and the code is being audited and verified for security.

Lastly, ePoC has a very solid developer team. It consists of 5 devs. They ar all very passionate and each dev brings a unique spin to the team. Meet our team.

Bungalogic - Founder and UI designer
Church - Lead ePOC solidity Dev
Clumsier - Lead solidity Dev for ETH PoC original contract
Alejandro (alxb) - ePOC/ PoC games, solidy and UI
Kenny - whale dev and gaming and support.
Ravi - java master and Solidity code Auditor

Come join us. We have a lot in store for the ETC platform and we are so excited to be here. We are looking forward to meeting you. Get your ePOC tokens today, collect divs, connect with our discord community for all the latest news.

Thanks for your time today.

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We have been around since May 2018. Our first trusted platform is on the ethereum net now we are on ETC network now:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. We have many games in development. Exited hope you guys enjoy our games.



I love the Poc & EpOC community! I have witnessed the growth and transparency in the community! I love what we all are building. Trust and openness in the crypto space!


Welcome! Great to see a whole team of developers getting onto Ethereum Classic :slight_smile: looking forward to seeing your future games.


feels good


Thanks everyone for dropping in and supporting our platform. We are working hard at converting our games from ETH to ETC to bring more to all our players. Gets those ePOC tokens and HODL .


Soft launch is in effect come try out our first original made casino game not a clone Enjoy!! Works on Saturn wallet, Meta mask and Trust app. Fifty Flip will be ready in 2 days or less for ETC. We will full launch once all Team gives a thumbs up.