Provide feedback & suggest new features!



If you have any ideas for new features for our exchange please let us know, we would love to hear ideas and feedback so don’t be shy! Most of our development team has been living and breathing our project for over a year now, so sometimes, things we believe are entirely obvious are actually confusing for newcomers.

This is why feedback is crucial!

It can be a little thing from you believe a button should be a different place or it should have a different label? Or is there a type of trading statistic that would be nice to have on display, if so where should it appear?

Let us know!

Saturn Protocol Alpha Release v3 (Atlas)
How to use Trust Wallet on Saturn Network
Saturn Protocol Alpha Release v2 (Enceladus)

A Slider for buy/sell amount, also a checkbox for “full buy”.
i would also love to see a “favourite function” for tokens. by time we will have a lot of tokens, so i need to “pin” my favourite tokens.

Also a breadcrumb or a dropdown to quickly change between tokens / favourites.

on the buy-popup i would love to see some more details like, orderID and txhash.

atm, shows “only” 10 records per page, i would like to see it changeable.

thats it for now,


Can we add the ETC price in USD?


Hi, so I had a buy order set early in the day and later at night I opened up exchange and noticed my wallet was saying estimating transaction which went on for a few minutes and I just [X] it and I see that it says a transaction was rejected…lol, was this my completed buy order I just cancelled back to seller? Thanks. first time leaving a buy order, I thought it was either going to set on the UI or transferred to the wallet? oops/


Remember our exchange runs completely on chain which means buy or sell orders are stored on the blockchain, so yes when you create a buy or sell order your Saturn Wallet will open a notification to sign a transaction. If you did not confirm the transaction then your order will not have been created.

But no you do not need to confirm anything again once your order is created, if a user decides to sell tokens into your order then you would receive them immediately.


Perhaps for a coin to list on MImas the lister would have to make a post on the Saturn Forum giving information on the token. This post will be linked to Assets - Name - Saturn Classic DAO Token on the exchange.

This gives quick access to information about the project. Where investors can leave their opinions and engage with the developers. If, for example, a new investor presses on the link and they see scathing reviews calling the token a scam. Then they’ll think twice about investing because others have spoken.


Not a bad idea, but pretty hard to implement correctly in practice.

First of all, saturn protocol runs on-chain, while the forum does not. Listing is done on-chain as well - you just create an order with your token and boom! you’re listed.

Another problem that I see with your suggestion is brigading. A competitor or a troll can mass-register forum accounts and spam FUD about a token in the respective thread. How would you combat that?

We’ll keep the listing process as-is for now, but we have a couple ideas on how to make things a bit more safe and user friendly waiting to be released.


Next suggestion i have is pretty simple.

If you open a trading-pair -> change the title to for example BCT / ETC |
the idea behind is simple. when im trading on multiple tabs, its hard to differentiate all those tabs, cuz they are ALL named “Saturn Network”. Would really make my workflow easier with just a few lines of code.

Thanks in advance


@Wizward great suggestion, this was added with the latest update! Keep them coming =)


lol guys. you are developing directly out of my head! haha. lovely! even on adding blockscout to saturnwallet! crazy!!

keep it going like this, yes!

PS: lesson learned, never post suggestions on saturnday. better one day later =D


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It would be nice to show the total amount of buy and sell orders (something like “Saturn Classic / Total sell orders 420,710.0 Saturn / Total buy orders 42.0 ETC”), as it would help to get a better overview of the market


What was the price?
i uploaded a screenshot to describe my problem. it would be very useful to show last prices on right column (or for widescreens 3 columns, @media (max-width: 1900px) or so)

the intension behind is better workflow, i actually need to have 2 browsers/tabs open, whats not really cool.
and lets keep talking about workflow, when i want to set multiple orders i have to comlete restart the process.
a “back” or “startover” button would improve workflow on multiple orders drastically.

And i mention a Breadcrumb or a Dropdown menu to jump quickly between tokens. its really important!



My Orders (numberOfMyOrders)


My Orders (numOfSell, numOfBuy) <- could be done with red and a green badge =D


My Trades (numberOfMyTrades)

could be helpfull for traders with multiple wallets.



I would be very happy about the token logos :heart:


a button for an overview of all your orders, not just the ones on that particular asset
and the same for your trades

also do we want the same tab icon on your browser for the mainsite (exchange) and the forum?

back to assets list is also missing on mobile?


would also be very helpful as it would save a lot of timeUnbesssnannt Unbenadfdfdfnnt
maybe somebody offers to moderate the content :rocket:


Liking the new menu bar to the left as of October 31 2018. If possible, could you allow the menu bar to remember its setting (open or close) after a refresh or after you close the tab and come back to the website later?

Also, I’m not sure if such a feature should be mandatory or optional for the user. Meaning, should there be an option to allow the user to decide if they want the menu bar to remember its position or not.


would be very helpful




Done! If you are on the main page & not in an order book you can now check all your trades or open orders. The tab icon, sure it could be good to differentiate them a bit, will have a think about it.

And this is how all this looks on the new Token Info tab: