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my wishes have never been fulfilled so quickly, i wish that I had you in my childhood, at that time I was looking for someone for a long time to fulfill my wishes, human beings, you´re just family !!! :heart::heart::heart:


oh yes well done.

having a new suggestion btw.
when i click on “My Trades”, i love to see the Trademining-Column. But i would also need a column with BUY/SELL price. Or include it into Trade-Column!

Thanks in advance




Yup, I think that will come don’t worry! =)

And in case anyone missed it:

This was also done!


@samr = special DAO ultra super mega power member :rocket::flying_saucer:


Thanks for the StartOver-Btn -> overkill!! =D


can we get timestamps back in the order history? if there is a room problem, perhaps in place of block?


There used to be an “All trades” section. It had the total amount sold and bought. (400,000 Saturn for 20 ETC). Found it helpful.


More use of the name Mimas if that’s going to be the name of the exchange. Sometimes I’m not sure whether to call the exchange Saturn or Mimas. A “The Mimas Exchange” or “Mimas dex” title somewhere would solve that.


Mimas is the codename of current smart contract. The exchange is Saturn Network.

The new smart contract, with ERC20 support and other improvements, will have a different codename, but the exchange will remain the same.