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Crypto Destiny:
It would be nice to have

  1. Trade graphs when you enter into on token, instead of just the buy and sell for both ETH and ETC chains
  2. A search option to search the tokens, because in future there might be more tokens listed than one can count. That way you can find what you need faster


We are working on making the user interface better! In the meantime there are some charts available if you click on the “token summary” button (7day price and volume) once you open the order book


Ledger Support if at all possible.


The ability to make an order private so you can send it to someone.

Two traders agree on a price and want to trade with each other exclusively. One trader makes an order which you can’t hide on the blockchain but is hidden on the website. Now the other trader can purchase that order without fear of losing it to someone else first - unless they are watching the blockchain.