Publish and verifying the token / ICO contract on Etherscan


The contract based on your standard / model works fine when I test it. How do I publish and verify the token / ICO contract on Etherscan with the 2 libraries SafeMath and ERC223 ? Do I need to merge the 2 libraries and the token contract code into one code file ?


Etherscan is for ETH only. I suggest using etherhub for ETC.

Yes, for validation you need to merge everything into one file.


pick the one that you use for the newToken file. Normally this shouldn’t play any difference.

And yes, you only need one compiler pragma


(edit: got confused between remix and etherhub :rofl:)

If something isn’t working, try again. If it keeps not working try to contact support of that website’s owner. Saturn Network is not affiliated with Etherscan or Etherhub.


Neuron, thanks it all worked out fine. Your model contract function as expected and I could publish and verify it on Etherscan. Now there is only the issue of adding an option to the contract that give the possibility to increase the token supply at any time. Any simple / elegant way of adding that option ?


Not sure what you really want to do, but maybe this link will help you


Option to mint new tokens
How would you incorporate an option to mint new tokens in your model contract defined as follows:

An option to increase total supply at any time. All new tokens minted using this option goes automatically to owners account (address private treasury).

(These new tokens could later be sold in a new ICO contract later or distributed otherwise.)