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PurpleCoin Token

PurpleThrone = Freedom

We back musicians with a variety of tools and products to create endless possibilities to market and monetize their brand.

Imagine – You’re walking through Washington Square Park (nyc)– you see an incredible street band. Instead of dropping a dollar in their bucket and never seeing that band again, you “ tip ” them in PurpleCoin (PPC) via the PurpleThrone music app. As a new fan, you have the freedom to “ tip” in fractions of a penny, while gaining instant access to their entire music catalog. As an artist, you have the freedom to LIVE stream your performance and accept “ tips ” from fans around the world. You can then save your “ tips ” as an asset investment (ala a 401K plan) or cash out directly with PurpleThrone.



Any airdrop available?


Don’t think so brother!