PYRO Network Launching on TRON

PYRO Network Launching on TRON

PYRO is coming to TRON and here’s what you need to know.


You’ve heard about PRYO adding Tron as a sister chain to PYRO on Ethereum. Some like it, some don’t. People have their preference, others want PYRO to 10x in the first two months of existence. However one thing is for certain, introducing PYRO to TRON is another giant step towards a bright future for the project.

You’ve heard the when and the why but here’s the How :

PHASE ONE of PYRO on Tron will be airdropped to current PYRO ETH hodlers (You will need a Tron wallet) . We are taking a snapshot of all frozen PYRO on ETH to determine eligibility.

There is a minimum and maximum amount per ETH Wallet for the PYRO Tron airdrop.
Min: 500k PYRO
Max: 4m PYRO
This means that you will only be credited between 500k — 4m PYRO per ETH wallet address for the PYRO Tron airdrop

The Math
5 to 1 ratio.
For every 5 ETH PYRO, you will receive 1 TRON PYRO in the airdrop.
500k ETH PYRO would yield 100k TRON PYRO.
4m ETH PYRO would yield 800k TRON PYRO.

A google form will be provided soon for users to fill out to include their Tron Address, proof of ownership of their ETH PYRO Wallet by sending 1 PYRO to our specified address and providing the TX of the transaction.

If anything is unclear, please ask questions or discuss in our DISCORD