new deflationary & staking system

The PYRO.NETWORK is a series of projects including but not limited to a social network, digital advertising network and blockchain gaming dApp platform which will utilize PYRO, an ERC20 deflationary and staking token.

PYRO is more than another deflationary token. I’ve come across to thier site and joined PYRO Community and I was hanging there most of my time and I found another place like home ! Its like a virtual community, a virtual place where you can enjoy staying, recieve airdrops, talk and encounter new people around the world, I’ve learned that SOCIAL NETWORKING is the main and best part of PYRO.NETWORK. Users earn points for their activity, giving them the option of redeeming them for PYRO.

Another is PYRO.NETWORK IS DECENTRALIZED! I BELIVED that everything should be Decentralized. PYRO Dex is the solution. A decentralized exchange operating via the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate safe, fast and secure transactions. Users can list their tokens with PYRO.NETWORK.

Speaking of dApps Development! Good news! A series of dApps are planned to be made which will utilize PYRO Tokens. Developers are also welcome to build upon our infrastructure.

Please do share and spread the word! If you LOVE PYRO STAKE IT! LIKE PYRO BUY IT don’t like PYRO BURN IT! TIP IT!

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Check their site here https://PYRO.NETWORK
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